The nice things people say about me!

“I recently got a trio of bucks from Ellen. They are amazing wee rats, so friendly, confident, cheeky and playful. It is clear to see the time and effort that Ellen has put in to socialise her kittens and expose them to new things. I adore these wee boys already “

~ Lauren Brown

“Recently adopted two babies and they’re everything a baby rat should be. They’re healthy, cheeky and wonderful natured boys. “

~ Steph Villa

“We recently got three lovely buck kittens from Ellen. All of them are confident, playful, healthy, and curious – we couldn’t be happier. “

~ Gabrielle Schroeder

“I very recently got three wonderfully friendly, brave, curious and silly rats from Ellen. She is an amazing breeder, love my little guys already, and they have mixed brilliantly with my current group! “

~ Carolyn Heslop